Electric scooters, mopeds and motorbikes

If you are looking to unlock your freedom on an electric scooter or electric moped you’ve come to the right place.  
We have an exciting range of electric scooters to meet every need.
You might need a moped to get to work or college; or a scooter for food delivery or courier work. Or perhaps you want to join the millions of people who love the idea that you can have a thrilling ride on a motorcycle with no emissions, low fuel cost, practically maintenance free and still be helping the planet. If you’re interested in a 50cc moped or a 125cc scooter, we have a full range of electric scooters and electric mopeds which will change the way you think about electric motorbikes.
The THELMOCO Ultra electric scooter


Choose from our exciting range of electric mopeds and scooters. 
If you are looking for a 125cc equivalent scooter, then the Ultra with its 4KW motor and powerful 72V battery is the electric scooter to choose.

Need a longer range? The X-tra with its 2KW motor and twin removable battery provides is the perfect scooter for commuters and couriers


And if you need a working moped with plenty of power for food delivery, courier work or law enforcement, then the 3KW Senda with twin removable batteries is the workhorse of the range delivering 90 miles on two 26ah batteries.


The Zen offers stylish good looks with a 2KW battery and is perfect for local commuting and deliveries.


Powerful 50cc equivalent scooter, 30mph and range up to 90 miles

Global Climate Action

Enough is enough, from the burning of fossil fuels to waste production, our beautiful planet is dying! September 20th was the day the world celebrated

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