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We are an independent team providing a range of clean, sustainable electric motorbikes, electric scooters and electric mopeds to replace petrol products which need to be replaced under the Government’s Road to Zero strategy.

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The Green Revolution

We care about our planet. That’s why we are working hard to revolutionise urban travel. Our electric motorbikes are completely emission-free meaning you can feel good about every journey.

Value For Money

THELMOCO electric motorbikes are an excellent investment for riders looking for a  cheaper and more efficient commute or delivery ride. And because they are so cheap to run, commercial riders will earn more for every journey. 

Product Performance

Quick and easy to charge, our removable lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 90 miles range and speeds of up to 50 mph and are ready to go when you are.


We support all our bikes with a two year warranty and a three year warranty on the batteries.  Our friendly team are on hand to give you honest advice and through our network of dealers we ensure local service and spares are easily available.

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A woman sits reading with a yellow electric moped nearby

Who Can Ride a Moped?

With Statista data stating that 11,661 scooters and mopeds were sold in the UK between January 2020 and August 2021, more and more people are making the decision to switch from cars to mopeds. They are ideal for city living, but for many eco-conscious commuters, they want electric mopeds. The global electric two-wheeler market is set to grow to 55 million in sales by 2024, showing that the smart choice for many city commuters is an electric moped. But who can ride a moped in the UK?

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An image of the River Thames in London from above

ULEZ: Frequently Asked Questions About the Ultra Low Emission Zone for London Answered

On Monday the 25th October 2021, the ULEZ expanded, making it 18 times larger than it was previously. Vehicle drivers in the city will need to pay a charge to drive in the Ultra Low Emission Zone if they do not meet the minimum emissions standards. The ULEZ now includes everything within the North and South Circular roads, and while the Transport for London website offers further information, many drivers still have questions about the zone.

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