About Us

We believe in our planet and its people. 

We believe in eliminating carbon emissions.

We believe that there is a greener way to commute and work in the urban environment.

We believe that everyone has the right to go about their every day business without worrying that they are polluting the environment.

We are eco-warriors providing a range of clean, sustainable motorbikes, scooters and mopeds to replace petrol driven  products which have dominated the market until now and which need to be replaced under the Government’s Road to Zero strategy.

CEO (Chief Eco Officer)
Perry Burns

Sales or Finance? – Both, but sales is more fun

Watford or Chelsea? Watford

Software or hardware? Hardware

Road or office? Road

Wine or Whisky? Whisky (single malt though)

Dog or Cat? Spike of course

Petrol or Electric? Really, need you ask?

Football or cricket? Badminton

Battery or Free range? Battery for bikes, free range for eggs

Sales Guru
Luke Driver

Netflix or YouTube? YouTube.

Winter or Summer? Summer.

High-tech or Low-tech? Definitely High-tech.

Car or Motorbike? Motorbike. The additional freedom is incomparable

Dine In or Delivery: If I could dine in every night I would but for now it’s delivery.

Gym or Gin? Gym

Marvel or DC? I’m a Spiderman fan so Marvel for me.

High Emission or Low Emission? Low Emission. Why would anyone choose high?

Chief Marketing Wizard
Jibraan Asif

Marketing or Food? Both, but marketing is a passion…as well as food

Narrow Roads or Motorway? Narrow Roads

Electric or Fuel? Electric, I care about the environment

Rugby or Tennis? I love Liverpool and Watford, so I guess we know which sport I favour

Urban or Retro? Urban

IOS or Android? Really? Everyone knows my love for IOS

One superpower? To make the world eco-friendly

CSO (Chief sleeping Officer)

Kibbles or Pouch? Pouch

Walk or basket? Basket

Bike or car? Walk

Cat or Fox? Hate ‘em both

Lead or harness? Huh? – Lithium ion…

Country or Town? Wherever there are lampposts

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