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Electric Mopeds – Join the electric moped revolution

The Electric Moped is the latest step in the evolution of the well-known and much-loved moped from years gone by. Innovative electric mopeds combine the very latest electric technology with a modern twist on the iconic styling the moped has enjoyed over the years.

Are electric mopeds eco-friendly?

Electric Mopeds are completely emissions free, so you can ride to the shops, to work or to see friends, safe in the knowledge that you are not emitting any pollution during your journey. In addition, as the Electric Moped produces no emissions, it means that it is free from ULEZ and congestion charges, plus with a range of up to 90 miles, it makes it the ideal mode of personal transport for the environmentally conscious commuter. Electric mopeds produce no air pollution and are practically silent. They’re perfect for areas covered by residential noise abatement policies. Electric mopeds are also easier to maintain than their petrol equivalents. Less parts, less wear and tear contribute to a reduced impact on the environment. Why not switch to an electric moped and also switch to a green energy provider, and you really will be going the extra mile!

Are electric mopeds secure when parked?

All electric mopeds have a range of security measure built in which make them more secure when parked than traditional petrol motorcycles. The electric mopeds have:
  • A steering lock
  • An immobiliser
  • An alarm, and they are;
  • Data-tagged (making them very unattractive to thieves!)
Recent figures from the MCIA prove electric bikes are stolen less frequently. This is because their batteries use different chargers not openly available on the market.

Cost effective electric travel

With the dramatic rise in the cost of fuels, which look likely to remain high for the foreseeable future, the electric moped is a highly cost-effective change that can save money in the short and longer terms. In addition to the recharge being much cheaper than petrol or diesel, the Electric Moped requires almost no maintenance as there’s no oil, clutch cables or fluids that need checking and changing. This further adds to the savings that can be made by switching to an electric moped. It is also worth noting at this point that the recharge times are efficient, using a standard three pin home plug socket to charge. Top ups take 3.5 hours and a full recharge just 6 hours. For the final set of bonuses:
  • Electric Mopeds require no Road Tax
  • Skip the traffic by hoping into most London bus lanes absolutely legally!
Overall, the recharging costs between 20p to 30p, dependent on the battery you have chosen. Electric mopeds are a highly sustainable and cost-effective way of getting around.

Practical and stylish

Most people will need to be able to carry some items when they go out, no matter whether it’s a work bag, handbag or a small amount of shopping. The Electric Moped delivers a stylish look and practicality. The addition of a rear rack and top box will house all your essential items. Couple this with security features that prevents the motor from working when the alarm is switched on, you can travel and leave your Electric Moped safe in the knowledge that it cannot be ridden away while you are at work or play.

Training courses available

Start your electric motorbike training now! Learn to ride safely, book on to one of a number of free training courses. It is also worth noting that, subject to confirmation, there are insurance deals available for graduates of these courses.

Electric Moped model range

With a number of different choices of electric moped available, you will find exactly the right bike for your journey. We have a range of electric mopeds that will fit everyone. Whether you have no license through to regular riders needing an efficient mode of transport every day. View our range of electric mopes. If you have any questions about the Electric Mopeds or would like to view one, then please gives us a call or come visit us at our showroom. We look forward to welcoming you for a test ride.