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Electric motorbikes and mopeds – save money during the cost-of-living crisis

Have you thought about how much you could save on your commute if you used an electric moped or motorbike?

If you are not one of the 15% of people permanently working from home, and have to be at your place of work, you will need to commute to work for at least a few days every month. You may also need to arrange deliveries to your customers once you get there.

Commuting to work and delivery services both have direct costs. As with everything else, these costs have risen exponentially. In fact The London Evening Standard recently reported that the average employee spends just under £300 per month on their commute to and from work.

Alternative ways to commute to and in London

So, for instance, if you can’t work from home, how could you reduce your costs commuting to London?

  • You could travel “off peak” (before 06.30 and after 9.30) and if you live further out than Zone 5 that will save you between £5.90 and £10.40 a day. But if you live in Zones 1 – 4 the off-peak fares won’t help you.
  • You could cycle in. But not everyone is able to, and it might not be appropriate to arrive at work hot and bothered from your ride (and you may want to take a shower before meeting colleagues and customers).
  • If you have the time and it’s not too far, you could walk, but bear in mind that the weather when you leave for work may not be so nice on the return leg. Massively good for your health though, and this shouldn’t be underestimated.

So, what are your other options? Well, you could take the car, but with congestion zone and ULEZ charges, this is probably the most expensive option even before you pay for parking.

The ideal commuting alternative – Electric Mopeds and Electric Motorbikes

If you are commuting in from Zone 5, your annual travel card will be costing you £252.30 per month.

For less than half of that price you could lease* a THELMOCO Electric Moped complete with all the PPE (helmet, jacket, security chain and storage box). And, if you passed your test before February 2001, you will already have the necessary licence to ride. And even if you don’t, a one-day training course will only cost around £150.

On your electric moped you will have full flexibility, you will also almost certainly get to work quicker, usually be able to park for free and know that you are helping to reduce carbon emissions to meet the Net Zero targets.

Electric scooters can save businesses money

Importantly, if you have to be out and about delivering goods to customers, an electric moped ‘delivers’ an almost unbelievable return on investment.  Typically, businesses with a delivery radius of 2 miles and 60 deliveries per day will recover their investment in just a few months (see our free calculator).

An electric moped or scooter is easy to ride, charges from an ordinary domestic socket, has top level security, removeable batteries, requires very low maintenance, can ride in most London Bus lanes and comes with a complete range of accessories.

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*Subject to credit approval.