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How to keep your electric motorbike safe and secure

Find out how to stop your motorcycle being stolen 

Electric motorbikes need to be kept safe and secure in the same way as any other motorbike, especially considering that thousands of motorbikes are now stolen each year. 

It can take a thief just seconds to steal an unprotected bike; so by deploying some simple protection methods, it can help reduce the risk of your bike being stolen.

There are several security methods that, when combined, can help to dramatically reduce the risk of your electric motorbike being stolen. It is also worth noting that, if a motorbike is not chained or secured and is stolen, then the insurance company may not cover the cost of a replacement.

In this article, we highlight the steps you can take to help ensure your electric motorbike remains safe and secure.

Step 1 – Remember to engage your steering lock 

Nearly every bike has a factory fitted steering lock which locks the front wheel and makes it difficult if not impossible, to steer the bike, even if it isn’t under power.

Step 2 – Lock your electric motorbike

A motorbike disc break alarm is a first step to motorbike security and is best coupled with other security methods.

You can secure the front brake by using a disc lock, or alternatively use a strong grip-lock to secure the electric motorbike’s brake and throttle controls. Some people also recommend a “D” lock on the front wheel helping to prevent your motorbike from being wheeled away. But remember, if you use a disk lock always remember to fit the “reminder” cable so that you don’t accidentally ride off with the disc lock still attached.

Step 3 – Chain your electric motorbike

Using a toughened steel chain is a great deterrent to motorbike thieves. Ideally, chain your bike to a permanent piece of street furniture.

Breaking the motorbike’s steering lock and then simply wheeling it away is a common method used by thieves to steal all types electric motorbike or moped. This can be extremely costly to repair if they make the attempt, but fail to steal the motorbike itself. You would expect to see a repair bill of over £600 if this happened to you!

By using a toughened-steel chain lock fed through the wheel and secured tightly to an unmovable structure, for example a ground anchor or a piece of street furniture, it will help to prevent any thieves from walking away with your motorbike.

If there are no objects to which you can lock your electric motorbike, simply pass the chain through the motorbike’s frame and wheel. This will offer the protection you need. In these circumstances bikers also often link chains together when parked up to make it harder for opportunistic thieves uplift a bike onto a truck or trailer.

To ensure you have the right quality of chain, the chain you use should be at least Gold standard “Sold Secure”, offering theft resistance against even the most dedicated machine-tool attack.

Step 4 – Cover your electric motorbike

Covering your motorbike will further deter thieves and provide an extra layer of security against motorbike theft.

Thieves will often scout the area looking for specific models of motorbike to steal. By having a cover over your electric motorbike, it immediately makes yours a much less attractive option for them. The secured cover means that there is yet another time-consuming obstacle for the thief to deal with, which they would prefer not to do.

Whilst these security measures are not able to completely guarantee that your bike won’t be stolen, by making use of more than one security option at the same time, you will be making it much more difficult to steal and therefore a much less attractive choice for the thieves.

Extra protection with THELMOCO electric motorbikes

The THELMOCO electric motorbikes are sold with added protection including:

  • Datatag security marking
  • UNECE 62 standard steering lock
  • Ignition immobiliser system
  • Factory fitted alarm

For added peace of mind, data tagging means that the electric motorbike has a multi-layered electronic identification and theft prevention system which allows the Police to identify the actual owner of any data tagged motorbike, no matter if that motorbike’s number plate has been swapped or the Vehicle identification Number has been deleted or changed.

There is also the option of adding a tracker which will allow the owner of the bike find the bike if it gets stolen and then dumped (as many are).

If you would like to find out more about our range of electric motorbikes, than please give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.