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Its all about petrol!

Have you noticed that petrol prices are creeping up again?  According to Global Petrol Prices .com, European petrol prices are set to increase by 2-3% over the course of the next 3 months which means an increase from the Government’s weekly reported price of £1.13/l to £1.15/l.  I’m not sure how they calculate this figure but in my travels this week, the cheapest I have seen has been £1.19.  But it does beg the question of how much it costs to run a vehicle.

In a modestly priced motorcycle like the LexMoto Milano, petrol will account for over 70% of the cost of ownership of the bike across a working life of 3 years (assuming 80 miles a day, 5 days a week for 48 weeks a year).  And even on the Yamaha NMax 125 it will be almost 45% bearing in mind the higher price of the vehicle. Which is one of the reasons that cost-conscious fleet owners are beginning to think of alternatives that will not only strike a chord with customers but save serious money too.  For example, the Thelmoco Ultra costs just a £0.01p per mile to run compared with say a Honda PCX125 at £0.04p mile.  Over the working life of the bike that would save over £2,100.  And if petrol prices were to return to the levels we saw last summer most bikes would pay for themselves in petrol alone, never mind the lower maintenance cost and zero tax implications.

With more and more office workers switching to WFH, the need for couriers is going to increase, so finding a way to deliver services more economically will be at the top of everyone’s agenda as we go into the autumn.