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Nottingham City Centre Car Park Charge

I remember the good days where I could park in the city centre of Nottingham for as little as £45 a month which seems justifiable. It was until November 2018 the price increased by 22% which set the new price at £55 a month. There was no other choice but to accept these charges since I commute into the city. I was frustrated but at the same time I had to accept the changes especially the reason for this was to reduce pollution levels.

The council once again increased the tariff by another 22% within nine months with the cost to park in the city set at £65 a month; that is £780 for the year. Stressed is not the word, I had to fund an extra £20 out of my own pocket without any salary increase. Improving air quality is something I stand for and wish for our beautiful world to be healthy again. Only until a realisation struck my mind; I’m a reason why we are losing the race to prevent global warming.

I understand, the country is slowly making drastic measures to have zero emissions, especially in major cities. After careful consideration I thought maybe investing in an electric vehicle will be cheaper in the long run and helps myself reduce carbon footprint. It is the perfect investment, driving into London without any ULEZ worry, commuting into work without worrying about a car park charge or feeling guilty of emission levels.

Researching into electric vehicles, both electric bikes and cars, I feel ashamed for not purchasing an electric previously. Purchasing an electric will not only save the environment but will help myself become cost efficient, I think it’s time to invest.