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Why you should consider an electric delivery moped or scooter

If you deliver food, groceries or other items to your customers then you could save a fortune by having your own electric moped or scooter.

Whether you subcontract orders and deliveries to platforms like Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat* or just use them to take your orders, you could save a fortune by taking back control of your own deliveries.  Use our simple calculator below to see how quickly you could get your investment back whether you run your own fleet or have the platform arrange delivery for you.

The Senda 3000 has been especially designed with local deliveries in mind.  It has a powerful 3000 Watt motor, will do up to 45 miles on each of its removable batteries and has a top speed of just under 30mph.

This electric moped can be equipped with a variety of boxes to handle hot or cold food or products and is charged from an ordinary 3 pin domestic socket.  The bike is virtually maintenance free and costs about a penny per mile to run even after the recent increases in petrol prices.

Introducing the
Senda 3000 delivery moped

This robust electric moped will get deliveries to your customers quickly, cheaply and quietly. Its top speed of 28 mph is ideal for deliveries in town.  Removeable batteries mean that charging is easy, keep one battery on charge while you make deliveries on the other and just swap over every 5 – 6 deliveries or so.  And choose the style of delivery box to suit your business.

  • £0.01 p per mile to run
  • Average savings of £58/DAY
  • Negligible Maintainenance
  • Easy Charging
  • Finance available
  • Free RAC roadside assistance
  • Free accident aftercare service
  • Ride on Provisional + CBT
  • 90 mile range on 2 batteries
  • Spare batteries available
  • Best in class security
  • Full range of accessories and rider PPE

* plus £100 OTR charges. 2 Battery model only £3,750 + OTR

Fully comprehensive, no quibble five year warranty on the battery underwritten by Autoguard warranties for just £495+VAT

A top speed of 30mph – ideal for urban deliveries!

Government pays £150 of your electric moped purchase price

An electric moped delivering a range of up to 90 miles


50cc equivalent electric moped with 3 years battery warranty and 2 year parts. Extended warranty includes parts, labour, recovery and roadside assistance – just £495 +VAT

The Senda 3000

The The Senda 3000 is a powerful bike with a 3 KW motor that is easy to ride. The 50cc equivalent has three power settings including an eco mode to preserve battery endurance. The bike is virtually silent and ideally suited to the stop start work encountered in the courier, parking enforcement and delivery sectors.

A practically maintenance free bike with unrivalled low running costs. This 50cc equivalent has a full charge cost under 30p and of course there is no road tax or emission zone charges.

The 50cc equivalent SENDA 3000 can also be equipped with a rear rack and top box. The impressive 8-amp charger will have the battery topped up from an ordinary domestic socket in about 3.5hours and fully charged within 5 hours.


Batteries can be removed from the bike and charged at any three pin socket

3 Star Rated

SENDAI is data-tagged for additional peace of mind earning the ULTRA a maximum security rating

The 50cc equivalent includes a convenient

USB Port and Bluetooth

A powerful 3000W motor that is virtually silent, this scooter handles everything with no loss of power.

Each battery provides a 45-mile range which means that you can keep two batteries for a 90-mile range.


4-6 Hour full charge time for your

electric moped

Senda Electric Moped
90 Miles
4-6 Hours
3* MCIA Rated (Highest Level)
-Steering lock
– Alarm
ABI (Associated British Insurers) Code – 84270001
Lexham Insurers
Front and rear brake discs
LED with 100m forward visibility
USB Port

Starting from just £3,250

you could be riding your new

electric bike as soon as tomorrow

*Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eats are the registered trade names of DELIVEROO SP LTD,UBER EATS UK LIMITED and JUST EAT LIMITED respectively