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Even though the FARSTA 6000 is officially classified as a 125cc equivalent electric scooter, with its powerful 6000W motor, range of 135 miles and top speed approaching 65 mph it will hold its own against any motorbike electric or otherwise.



* plus £100 OTR charges. 

A Top Speed Of 63 mph

Government provides £500 towards your  electric motorbike purchase price

A Range of 135 miles for your electric scooter

125cc equivalent electric motorcycle with 3 years battery warranty and 2 year parts. Extended warranty including parts, labour, recovery and roadside assistance – just £495

The FARSTA 6000

The Farsta 6000 not only looks like a motorbike, it behaves like one too.  Its 3 speed settings will take you up to 63 mph (even a little faster in good conditions) and will give you a comfortable 135 mile range plus a low speed “get you home” reserve of a further 10 miles .The bike is equipped with a reverse gear for easier manoeuvring, a comprehensive LED display, a lockable front storage compartment and LED lights throughout.

The 6000 Watt, brushless motor is powered by a 72V 120Ah battery and is supplied with a 10 amp charger which simply plugs into an ordinary 3 pin domestic socket. The “motorbike feel” is complemented with double hydraulic front brakes with ventilated discs and double reinforced hydraulic front suspension.

The FARSTA 6000 can be equipped with a rear rack, top box and side panniers . The standard 10-amp charger will have the battery topped up to 80% from an ordinary domestic socket in about 7 hours and fully charged within 10 hours.


Mark Whittington-Buckley’s review (right) goes into a lot of detail but Nick Maude, The Biking Actor has also tested the bike.  Click here to see his review.

Check out this honest and detailed review of the Farsta 6000 125cc equivalent electric motorbike by Mark Whittington-Buckley of Motors for the Masses and Lightning Storm Motors who puts the electric motorbike through its paces and finds himself very pleasantly surprised.

Ross Flashman of our dealer in Cornwall, Flashman Motorcycles takes the Farsta 6000 electric motorbike for an 85 mile run across the top of Dartmoor up the Merryvale Climb, passing the Warren House Inn, the highest point on the moor .


The battery is non-removeable but still charges from an ordinary  three pin socket

3* Rated

Every THELMOCO bike has an alarm, a steering lock and is data-tagged for additional peace of mind earning the ULTRA a maximum security rating

This 125cc equivalent scooter includes a useful reverse gear

This powerful electric scooter comes with a 60000W electric hub motor is practically silent and delivers almost instant torque.

Up to date technology including a sophisticated state of the art digital display

7 Hour charge time to 80% for your

electric MOTORBIKE

135 Miles

63 mph

12 Hours on standard 10 amp charger; just under 5 hours on optional 25 amp charger (empty to full)

MCIA 3* Rated (highest level)

ABI (Associated British Insurers) Code – 84270002

Lexham Insurers

Front and rear brake discs

LED with 100m forward visibility

Reverse gear

Lockable glove box

Optional top box & panniers





Starting from just £3,250

you could be riding your new

electric bike as soon as tomorrow