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You must hold one of the following:

  1. A full motorbike licence (AM, A1, A2 or A); or
  2. A full driving licence issued 1st February 2001 (This allows you to ride the X-Tra or the Senda); or
  3. A provisional licence or full driving licence issued before 1st February 2001 plus a CBT (this allows you to ride the Ultra as well as the X-Tra or Senda)


Unless you hold an AM, A1, A2 or A licence you will need a CBT.  However, if you passed your driving test before 1st February 2001 you will be able to ride an X-Tra or Senda without a CBT, but you will still need a CBT to ride an Ultra

We recommend that you take your CBT with an MCIA approved training school.

You can book your CBT here

You can also book through Rideto and you will get a £5 discount if you use the reference THELMOCO

In the case of 1) and 2) above – No 

In the case of 3) above – Yes

In the case of 1) and 2) above – Yes

In the case of 3) above – No 

No. The bikes are supplied with a charger which plugs into a normal domestic 3 pin socket.  You can either remove the battery and charge indoors or you can leave the batteries in the bike and charge from the charging port on the bike.

All ranges will depend o the driving style and payload but typically:

The ULTRA has a range of 40 – 50 miles

The X-Tra and Senda have a 45-mile range on each of their batteries, 90 in total on the two battery models.

The Ultra has a top speed of about 50mph whilst the X-Tra, Senda and Zen have top speeds of about 30mph 

Yes.   They are road legal and have received an official Type Approval

Yes. The width of an Ultra is 680mm and the height is 1140mm.

The width of an X-Tra is 720mm and the height 1090mm

Yes – you are required by law to wear a helmet whilst riding any moped or scooter of 50cc equivalent or higher

Yes – you are required by law to have insurance whilst riding any moped or scooter of 50cc equivalent or higher.  We can refer you to an insurer who offers good rates on electric bikes.


The Association of British Insurers codes for the bikes are:

Senda: 84270001

Ultra:   84270002

X-Tra:  84270003


Yes – on WhatsApp, Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom

Yes: if the delivery address is within 50 miles of Watford.  For other address in England the charge is £99.50.  Delivery to Scotland and Wales is subject to quote

Yes we can usually offer you a choice from 20 different numbers.  We are registered with the DVLA so you can get your registration, usually the same day.

No.  Electric bikes are free of tax and do not pay congestion or emission zone charges.</

Same day collection is available for orders placed before 12 noon

Yes! Finance is available subject to credit status and proof of affordability. Please note you will probably not be able to get a finance quote unless and until you hold a valid licence for the vehicle you want to buy 

THELMOCO stands for The Electric Motorbike Company.  So it just just one word: Thel-Moco.  But we answer to The Lmoco as well.

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