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Electric Motorbike

A top speed approaching 65 mph and a range of 135 miles enables the FARSTA 6000 electric motorbike to hold its own against any motorbike, electric or otherwise. Officially classified as a 125cc equivalent electric motorbike, the powerful 6000 watt motor provides more than enough power around town and on the open road.

Top Speed



135 Miles

Equivalent CC


Government Grant


Battery Warranty

3 Years

Parts Warranty

2 Years


Includes £500 Government PIMG Grant & £100 OTR Registration


From £162 per month



125cc Electric Motorbike

The FARSTA 6000 certainly looks the part – sleek modern lines provide instant kerb appeal. On the road the FARSTA is even more impressive, it looks and behaves just like a motorbike. Three speed settings take you up to 63+ mph and you won’t run out of juice for a full 135 miles.

If fact, 135 miles provides double the range of the FARSTA’s closest competitor, and a “get you home” reserve adds 10 miles.

The “motorbike feel” is complemented with double hydraulic front brakes with ventilated discs and double reinforced hydraulic front suspension.

Its 6000 Watt brushless motor is powered by a 72V 120Ah battery and supplied with a 10 amp charger, simply plug it into any ordinary three pin domestic socket to charge. The optional 25 amp charger provides an even quicker charge, taking the battery from empty to full in under 5 hours.

Farsta 6000 Electric Motorbike

FARSTA 6000 Electric Motorbike Reviews

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Mark Whittington-Buckley of Motors for the Masses gives honest and detailed review of the Farsta 6000 125cc equivalent electric motorbike.

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Ross Flashman of Flashman Motorcycles takes the Farsta 6000 electric motorbike for an 85 mile run across the top of Dartmoor.

Gordon Bell

“I have one word for THELMOCO, Perry, Andrew and the lovely Sophie – awesome! I have a Farsta 6000 and I do around 66 miles a day on dual carriageway so I’ll sit at a consistent 60mph. This machine is equal to the task.”

Stephen Ritchings

“Well done to all the team at THELMOCO, my Farsta was delivered 3 days ago a full week early to my surprise, after 1 day I felt very comfortable with with my decision to purchase your product money well spent.”

Richie Jordan

“Very impressed with the Farsta 6000. Handles wonderfully, manoeuvres well and gets a lot of attention. What luxury this bike is. To have to not fill up, the way the bike glides and the comfortability all adds to how well the bike performs.”

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