3200W Motor

Range Of 40 Miles With Single Battery

Speed Of 28mph

12” Tyres

4-6 Hours Full Charge

Front And Rear LED Headlights With 100m Forward Visibility

Available on backorder

Increase range to 75 miles by adding an additional battery


The Urban Commuter is designed to make a statement!

This stylish bike will not only turn heads, but deliver a stunning 75 miles from its powerful 3200W motor powered by twin 72V 40aH removable batteries, should you choose to add an additional battery.

Capable of 28 MPH, the Urban Commuter comes in a range of colours and can be supplied with an additional battery so that there is always a battery on charge. There are also the options for front and rear luggage racks so that you can carry your work papers and other essentials safely and conveniently as you ride. A full charge typically takes 4 – 6 hours and uses just 1.6Kw which at current prices works out at just £0.20p. And because the bike produces no emissions, there is no road tax and the bike is exempt from the daily £12.50 ULEZ charge in London.

The Urban Commuter can be ridden by the holder of a provisional AM licence and can ride the bike as long as they display an ‘L’ Plate and don’t carry a pillion passenger.

The front and rear LED headlights will make you highly visible and provide up to 100m forward visibility.


Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 189 × 72 × 109 cm


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