Hardworker for Hardworkers

Including Plug-in Grant

A Powerful 3,000W Motor

The S5 is a hardworking scooter designed for food delivery. Boasting a 3,000W motor and front and rear disc brakes, the S5 comes with two 60V 26Ah batteries which will deliver up to 90 miles range on a single overnight charge with a top speed of 28MPH.

Anyone who has a provisional AM licence and passed a full car test before 1/2/2001 can ride a moped ONLY without ‘L’ plates and can carry a pillion. Anyone else must hold a provisional licence and must complete CBT (renewable every 2 years), must show ‘L’ plates, and cannot carry a passenger. 

  • A Touch of Genius
  • The Perfect Delivery Bike
  • Designed To Make A Statement

To ensure continuous performance, the S5, which comes in a range of colours can be supplied with an additional battery so that there is always a battery on charge. A full charge typically takes 4 – 6 hours and uses just 1.6Kw which at current prices works out at just £0.20p. And because the bike produces no emissions, there is no road tax and the bike is exempt from the daily £12.50 ULEZ charge in London. For busy departments, a multi battery fast charger can be provided which ensures team members always have access to fully charged batteries when making their rounds

Range Of
75-95 Miles

You can add your own pizza delivery box, or why not order our specially designed and fully insulated box which is mounted securely on the rear carrying rack.

The front and rear LED headlights will make you highly visible and provide up to 100m forward visibility.

The Urban Server Parking enforcement variant is designed to give your team exceptional service while meeting your green commitment

The S5 comes in a range of colours and can be delivered with customised branding

If you want to know more about how the S5 can help you deliver ‘green pizza’ simply fill out the form below and one of our advisors will call you back with full details.

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